questionswho bought or is buying windows 8 today?


Can you tell me what the difference is between Windows 8 and Windows 7 BESIDES the fact it supports touch screens?


I played with the preview and the OS on a non-touch screen device was just plain annoying. I can see it being much better on a tablet, but I am uninterested in the RT version and will wait for the Surface Pro. By all accounts the hardware is superb on the tablet, but if I get it I will want to replace my laptop and use it so the RT will not work for me.

In other words...NO. Maybe later.


From playing around with it on a normal laptop, I don't see the point of having it. To be productive I would have to stick to the older interface.

There is a reason Microsoft is charging less for this operating system than ever before (at least for upgrades). And the reason is not Apple.


@morriea: Sam's club now has the Asus RT unit on display and I played with it a bit.
Totally non-intuitive and heavily MS locked. (e.g MS mail, who uses MS-mail?)
The Infinity prime was sitting right next to it and was like butter.
All the rugrats were playing with the iPads.
I predict failure pending.

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@cengland0: Biased reason, but because the operating system is not much of an upgrade. If you take away the fancy/new partial interface, you essentially have Windows 7 with the exception of Windows Media Center. Still not sure why they took that away.

Microsoft is risking a lot on this operating system (surface, future of operating system's, their phone OS, etc) so they are prepared to practically give it away.


To be honest, I didn't know that there was a Windows 8 until I saw the ads today on the Frys Electronics newspaper.

So yeah, I also raise the same question. What's new?


@cengland0: In short the interface is designed for touch from the ground up, so if you exclusively use a keyboard and mouse you will have to relearn things.

MS has also made a lot of under the hood performance gains to make the system more stable and startup/shutdown faster.

Personally I see the release of Win 8 as an incremental upgrade and one that will be overshadowed when they get all the metrics from 8 and roll improvements into Win 9.


I don't see anything worth the upgrade, so I'll hold at 7 until I see a substantial improvement.


I just bought a Windows 7 computer a couple weeks ago, so I could still get a prebuilt machine with Windows 7 on it. Since I only have to spend $15 I'll use their upgrade offer so I have a copy of 8 sitting around when I have time to play with it. I've got a few copies of xp I could upgrade to play with it, but if it was even a dollar more I wouldn't bother.


I don't use a touch device and I happen to actually need my start menu to organize hundreds of installed things, so I'm sitting this one out. The fact that it's so cheap on launch suggests MS has figured out that, despite the hype, the PC world doesn't want this.

If you're the sort of person who thinks being a power user involves having both Facebook and Angry Birds open gasp AT THE SAME TIME! then Win8 will do just fine. Otherwise stick with 7, or XP in my case, or do what Valve is doing and look at going at least partially to Linux.


Agreed Windows 7 > Windows 8

I see Windows 8 as another Windows 95, Windows ME, or even more recently Windows Vista.
The pattern I see with Microsoft is that they alternate between good, and bad operating systems... its like they fire their programming crew as soon as their old OS is a hit.. then they realize their mistake and rehire the people who don't suck to program Operating systems like Windows 7 = FTW

The whole interface for Windows 8 is convoluted and bulky, stealing valuable system ram and more importantly stealing valuable video ram that gamer's and graphic artists use.

I think AERO had its faults in windows 7 but is by far cleaner and faster than the touch screen interface on windows 8. If they allowed you to choose between interfaces people would probably be very happy, have one for touch screens, one for people who still like Classic windows start menu from XP, and have the Aero interface for people who liked that... it would be PERFECT! now if only MS would listen.