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Congratulations on owning the rarest shirt.woot product ever! The previous record was 4 sales.

With that said, what would make it even crazier if they decided to screen print these instead of DTG.


Oh man! I might have actually bought that for a friend who was born on leap day...


I think it looks just like a freebie shirt from a local TV station.

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Why was this order "crazy"?


@bsmith1: They only sold 3

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@j5: It looks like they were purchased at different times during the day, so it seems more people could have bought the shirt if they wanted it, right? I mean, the sale wasn't limited to just 3 shirts, right? There was no pricing error, right? I just don't see what is "crazy" about a retailer sending you the item they offered and you purchased. That's how retail works: they sell > you buy > you get item OMG! So crazy!

Edit: I agree with your above comment. This shirt brought to you by Channel 29 Action News Team!


@bsmith1: I was stating that this was "crazy" because they actually went to the trouble of printing these shirts for three people instead of just refunding the money. I would of been fine if they just refunded the money just because it is a lot of work just to print 3 shirts, unless of course they ended up printing a ton of these and use them for future random shirt sales.


@conanthelibrarian: I see. I think it would be pretty weak if they didn't fulfill the order. Theoretically, they run that risk with any shirt they sell.


There might be a chance that during the next random sale, there will be one in every group of three.


@bsmith1: So long as a shirt is available for sale, they'll deliver it. Yes, they've had inventory issues from time to time (coughRoyal Blue blanks gatecough), but it's not like they'd randomly drop some orders because they felt like it.

@dmaz: Randoms are culled from the print overruns based on their sales (for pre-orders) or estimated sales (for daily and derby prints); since this only sold 3, I can't imagine they would be printing much more of any. Heck, I couldn't even imagine them setting up screens; minimal setup for low quantity production is the DTG printer's strong point, hence my comment from earlier today.


@bsmith1: I think I'll ask this question the next time I buy something from woot.....if they ever had anything I wanted.