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Well, much of the time I go by "Elf" as those actually are my initials, but during the mid 80's many people thought they heard it as "Alf". Fortunately I was able to master a rather convincing "Hey, Willie, I ate the cat! No problem!" before correcting people.


My nickname stories are all embarassing:

In fourth grade, our techer was taking role on our first day and asking if we had any nicknames, or any other names we'd like to go by. My real name is Brandon, but I told her to call me Bradley... No idea why, kids do stupid stuff. She called me Bradley for the year and I can't tell you how many times I thought she was talking to someone else.

At camp one year we got to choose our own nicknames, and I couldn't think of one so I was called Freckle.

I went by Gil at the Iowa state fair one year due to a hat I was wearing on the day I met the group of friends I hung out with. (Gilligan's Island)

And my last name earned me the nickname Snackbar throghout my life. It's actually on my class ring.


@woothulhu: I guess Snackbar is better than Admiral


I don't remember actually trying to give myself a nickname, although my family tried a lot of them for me before coming up with something that stuck. My first and middle name is Ruth Ann. I've always gone by both because that's what my parents called me (felt that "Ruth" was too grown up of a name for the little kids they had). I'm glad they never went with Ruthie, although that's what my maternal grandparents called me. They were just about the only ones who ever got away with that though.
The nickname that finally stuck, sometime around 4th or 5th grade, was "Rue". That's what my family has called me ever since.
I don't generally tell people to call me Rue, but if people ask if I have a nickname or ask what my family calls me I tell them Rue and that they can call me that if they'd like. Some do, a lot don't. As long as they pick either Ruth Ann or Rue, I'm okay with it.


For some reason, when I was younger I wanted to be called Jade. I don't think anyone ever did. They all that it was stupid. Heh.

However, the one nickname my super skinny self did end up with for many years at school was Bones. I had that one from elementary all through high school. It never bothered me until the guys started calling me Boner instead, which I overheard was apparently because I gave them one. Oy.


When I was growing up my nickname was Booboo, because I was an accident. True story.