questionstwo thumbs up, and a moment of silence, for roger…


Oh, that's so sad. I just heard on the news yesterday that his cancer had returned but that he planned to keep writing reviews. Sorry to hear this.


I miss him already. Kind and funny and caring and smart: a combination that's hard to beat. See you in the balcony, my friend.


Thank you! I will miss your reviews!



Siskel and Ebert have reunited. Gentlemen, pour out your popcorn and sodas for our homies who are no longer with us.


@stile99: Seems like a waste of money, especially if you purchase those at the concession stand. I will pour out some iced-water and popcorn butter flavoring, though.

He had some really great reviews that showcased his talent for comedy along with his ability to descriptively critique films. His "worst of"/"most hated" reviews were hilarious, even when I liked the film in question.

In a world of too many critics and not enough creators, he remained an original voice. As they say, "Often imitated, never duplicated."