questionsis this a good deal on ooma?


Not bad. I've seen them for $119 without the handset, so consider that.

I got a refurb for $99 and it's been working great for about a year now.

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Sounds good if you want the Ooma handset. Any regular corded or cordless will work as well - you just connect the phone line to the Ooma box.


@first2summit @j5: Thanks for your responses. Helpful. I went ahead and bought it.

Signing off from woot for another year...


I've had OOMA for about 5 years and it is wonderful. This is a very good deal.


Just grabbed one. I've been trying to get a referral code that works for the $99 deal on, but this is much better. Co-workers have had refurbished OOMAs for a couple of years with no problems to report.