questionsdoes anyone have gestational diabetes dieting…


The best place to start would be The American Diabetes Association

I don't have experience with Gestational, just Type 2. I do know that carbs are your enemy, exercise is your friend.

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Initial rule of thumb till you get the official advice from the nutritionist: avoid white. Potatoes. Bread. Rice. Pasta. You know, all the good stuff.

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Avoid HFCS. If she has a sweet tooth, look at stevia and agave nectar. Read up on agave nectar, it's complicated but cool. Both are natural foods, but always check with doc first when pregnant. I pretty much live on sugar and my mom has diabetes, but I keep testing either normal or low. I suspect it's because I really don't like HFCS, and avoid anything containing it. The sugars I eat are fruit sugar (in fruit), cane sugar, real maple syrup and sometimes agave nectar. Honey makes me ill but otherwise I'd use it. I buy my jams and jellies at farmers markets, I buy most of my baked good at bakeries, so I am getting cane sugar in these products rather than corn syrup. It's the only explanation I can think of as I eat more sugar than anyone else I know.


@moondrake: It's not really the sugar intake that causes diabetes; it's the whole metabolic syndrome thing.


I'll be the second to say that while avoiding sugar is important, the American diet has a much bigger problem with starches. Sandwiches, pasta, tortillas, and more. The simplest carbohydrates are actually broken down into sugar by enzymes in your saliva - before it even gets as far as your stomach.

It's a whole new way of eating. My wife just recently lost a lot of weight by eating mostly meat and vegetables. Not even mostly lean meats, either. Fats in meat are a lot better for you than simple refined vegetable oils and remember that a lot of vitamins are stored in body fat so eating animal fat is good in more ways than one.

One of her favorite dishes recently substituted zucchini for pasta. A nice skillet dish of sauteed chicken sausage, lots of quartered slices of zucchini, jar spaghetti sauce, and canned mushrooms. Very filling without any need for too much of the bad stuff.


Two strong pieces of advice:

1) Get with the clinical dietitian and listen to what she/he says. Don't take advice from anybody on the internet. Myself included.

2) This is a bit of an alarm for the future. Per NIH, 5-10% of women with GDM are diagnosed with Type II DM after pregnancy: they never go back to normal. Of the remainder, 35-60% will go on to develop full diabetes in the next 10-20 years.


Gestational diabetes generally occurs during pregnancy in which blood sugar level goes high. Usually diagnosing of gestational diabetes takes place in the later stages of pregnancy. It occurs due to several hormonal changes in the body that makes women resistant to insulin. As you have asked about the gestational diabetes diet, read that clearly shows SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) is essential in this condition.