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If you have a video card that can transfer stuff to your TV via a S-Video cable and RCA jacks. I believe all you would need is one of these. -

It has a S-video slot in the back, as well as RCA slots and also places you can hook your cable in to your TV. I personally have had one for 2 years and it hasn't failed me yet.

UNLESS your tv already has a built in S-Video slot with RCA slots, then all you need is the cables.


@duckcake: Thank you! I'll need to research the specifics but it's my price range :-)


@thepenrod: Great idea but I'm a saver, not a spender :-)


@ohcheri: In that case, save your $25 that you'd spend on this and your dining out money (including beverages) for another 6 months and grab a discontinued floor model and you can have a really nice and large Plasma, LCD, or LED depending on your needs and what deals you happen to find.


@thepenrod: I hear what you're saying and appreciate the input.


@thepenrod: There is a problem with that once you get 1 LCD TV, you want more. I am not much of a TV watcher and thought my 27" Panasonic, glass was fine. I was actually against the LCD TV as I have seen too many fail. When you hear "at least my TV lasted 5 years" I think to my self "WHAT?!? my oldest glass TV is 15 years old. I have never had a glass TV fail"
The Wife got a 55" LCD and now I know what the big deal was and want to replace all my glass TVs.
Update my equipment: Gaming systems, DVD player, Streaming player, to play on the new system.


@caffeine_dude: Exactly! When I met my husband his TV was 19 years old and we used it for 5 more years before we bought another (bigger) glass TV. The old one went to my son and still works. I can't imagine any electronics made today will last 25 years.


@caffeine_dude: I know. I was all like "What's the hype about, it's not that big a difference." And then our TV died and I figured I might as well get an LCD. Now I have a 37" upstairs hooked up to our Wii and computer and a 42" in the basement with Blu-ray and surround sound. (My only regret is blu-ray. The load times are horrendous, have to update it constantly, and it has problems every third disc.)


@ohcheri: duckcake's suggestion is the cheapest route to go for sure. Trust me, my hubby has every type of game console, tech gadget, etc under the sun so needless to say, we know about cables and hookups!

Netflix is the way to go though- we have had it for a while now and I have seen that they are trying to "beef up" their selections and try to push newer movies out faster through streaming. In fact, we were doing the 2 movie plus streaming but just cut down to streaming- think it is only 7.99 which is an awesome deal. When we want to watch a new release we hit up Blockbuster XPress or a Redbox for a buck.

Good luck with the hookup!


@thepenrod: I would skip the display models as they are abused by being left on 12 to 14 hours a day 7 days a week until they are replaced by a new model... Most anything else I would buy as a discounted floor model but not a TV...