questionsshould i change my shopping habits now that…


I'll probably have to consider the same situation in a year or so, since Amazon will soon build a warehouse/lfulfillment center in Florida but I'll likely continue with Amazon since I love and rely on Prime shipping and Amazon's terrific return policies.

I'm not sure Woot will operate exactly the same as Amazon, though, since Woot seems to be a subsidiary company and that may make some legal differences for tax-collection purposes.


Yes, you will be charged tax on Woot as well unfortunately.

For me, I live in Kansas and am already charged tax at Amazon. It hasn't really changed my shopping habits, I just factor in the tax when shopping.


@hackman2007: For awhile there, Amazon was charging KS tax but woot wasn't. That was nice. It helped justify buying from woot over Amazon when the prices were basically the same. Now they both charge KS tax. Just seems odd paying more than $8 for a BOC.


I still buy things from Amazon, but try to buy from the marketplace with prime shipping. That way there is no tax. If it is not available from marketplace w/prime or is cheaper from Amazon, I look other places like Newegg. I do always price compare and add tax and shipping to the overall cost to determine cheapest. Unfortunately, Amazon isn't the cheapest even without tax anymore on most things. I guess it depends on what you are looking for, but I have found local stores to be comparable. The one exception for me is electronics, and those I go to Newegg and a few others.


As a result, now I'm going to have to reconsider the decision not to get ShopRunner. Ordering from Newegg (who now doesn't just sell computer hardware, but all kinds of stuff now) who doesn't charge GA tax becomes a far more attractive option, especially for high priced items.

The significant problem with ShopRunner is the seemingly large number of items NOT eligible for 2 day shipping at Newegg and other stores. At Amazon, nearly all of the goods they sell are Prime Eligible (I bought a huge gasoline powered blower/vacuum that was free shipping). We have had discussions here before on ShopRunner: the overall thought was "meh".


For me it's going to be bottom line price, as it always was.

When I'm shopping for an item I'm going to buy it from the place that offers the lowest total price including shipping and tax.

I'll still buy from Woot and Amazon, IF the total cost is the lowest.



Periodically there are freebie deals for a year of shoprunner around. Spozedly for new accounts, but clever deal hunters seem to get around that. Dunno about now, if I were looking for such I'd search SD.


@cebooher3: That's pretty much the same thing that I do. If the prices are within a few pennies of each other then I go with the one that I feel gives me better customer service.