questionsare you valentine-less this valentine's day?


Flying Solo on Bloody Tuesday...


But my name isn't George...


Yeah, but single by choice until somebody changes my mind.


Yep. I plan on making my Playstation my valentine.

And maybe my guitar on the side ;)


Valentine's Day is just Mardi Gras Eve this year.


When I was single, I used to call this holiday Singles Awareness Day (SAD)


Single awareness day...

Don't know that I really care too much, except that too many people make a big deal about being single on valentines day, and won't leave me the ---- alone.


I have plenty of good friends to share the day with, but no love interests. I decided long ago that I am happy as a single unit of humanity, accompanied units of other species such as canine and feline.


is this a good day to go to the movies by yourself?


I don't have a Valentine, and I don't understand why people get depressed this time of year. This is the best time of year to NOT have a significant other. I don't have to go out for dinner, buy any presents, etc. I'm taking myself to a show I've been wanting to see for a long time, not because it's Valentine's Day but because on Tuesdays most shows start at 7 instead of 8 and I can get home earlier.

Sometimes being single is just really nice and uncomplicated.


@curli76: This is true.. Yet I still spend hundreds on my family. I always get my mom and sis and son a bunch of junk.. I'm just a closet shopaholic :-)