questionswhen was the last time you checked out local.woot…


I used it a month or so ago to get opinions on veterinarians as I was traveling to Seattle and my cat needed surgery. Not only was I given the name of a great doc, but I saved a huge amount of money!


I can only agree with @rprebel, but add 200 miles to it.


Closest city is a few hundred miles from me - if it had some closer deals, I would be all over it.


Local Woot is comparable to Apple Maps .... a failure.


I didn't even know they had cloned the deals format over to local. It's not really of use to me, either, as the closest is 500 miles away...sometimes it's a hassle to use groupings that are 20 miles away :/

Maybe I would look occasionally if it showed up on the bar at the top, but it seems like the red-headed stepchild of the woot family.


Oh wow, I completely forgot about it, especially since there were no deals close-by.


I checked it about a month ago, before I was headed to Seattle for the weekend. None of the current deals were anything useful for me.


Another vote for never, except I'm like 1200 miles away from the closest one.


None of the local.woots are local to me, so I never go there. I believe the closest one is /dallas, and that's 200 miles away.