questionshow do i stop these collect calls from inmates i…


here ya go:

"You can also contact Securus at 1-800-844-6591 to block any calls originating from the Harris County Jail to your phone."


@carl669: thanks. called to block it. hopefully it is the correct one.


How many inmates DO you know? Maybe one of them passed your number around?

{a silly answer, I know, but the wording of your question was what prompted this reply ;-> }


Maybe they think your user name is actually jailbird?


Did they get it from the bathroom wall?


Perhaps it's similar to another business number (thinking bail bondsman or attorney...or drug dealer or bookie). They could be misdialing. We live out in the country and there is a gas station/pizza place not far from us with 2 digits switched in their number. We go through spurts where we get their calls.

Once a guy called and got TICKED at Mrs MTM2 and cussed her out. He called back 10 minutes later and I was about to unload on him - but he immediately was apologizing and actually did a great job apologizing to her. I actually think his mom had head him and jerked a knot in his shorts for what he did (he was a 20 or 30 something but mom's can still unload on their kids when they screw something up).