questionswhat is the best game sold on steam and why?


Both Portal games. Hands down.
Great story, graphics, gameplay, controls. Valve is amazing at what they do. Just hate that it takes them forever to release things.


Team Fortress 2. Cartoony graphics and funny people and community maps are all plusses.


Psychonauts. Not your standard game by any means. Refreshing.


Fallout New Vegas. Reason? Hardcore mode.


Super Meat Boy-super challenging with a retro feel. And bit.trip runner-great music, equally challenging.


Mount and Blade Warband. It's not as polished as most other games and it's hard to put it in a specific category, but it will rock your world and make time disappear.

Try the demo. I think there's a level cap but I was able to play it for about 3.5 hours before I realized how late it was getting. Then bought it and played another 8 hours.