questionsdoes anyone have a recommendation for wireless…


A motion activated light will turn itself on when you open the door, and turn itself off when you're done. It may be too bright, though. Maybe it could be mounted so the light shines into the closet (like just above the door's frame) so it won't be so harsh on the eyes.

edit: I just noticed that one turns itself on in low light settings, which means it wouldn't work for your needs. Oh well. There are other similar options on Amazon if you think this type of light will work for you.


@rprebel: Thank you for the link & suggestion of where to install the light. I didn't think about using an outside light! Good catch about the light turning itself on in low settings - I'll have to look out for this. thanks again, I appreciate the help!


Are these the type of task lights you are trying to avoid?

We are using these under our kitchen cabinets and I found them to be surprisingly bright! The one downside I might foresee in your case is that they tend to be fairly narrowly directed, which could be problematic if you are trying to light a large space.


I suggest candles. They are wireless and portable.
Open flame may not work in the closet, though.


@alpayton: Thank you. Local Lowes didn't have those I'll have to look for them. These are the ones Lowes did recommend. Tried them, they have a very focused light and are not quite bright enough for the space: