questionsshould/ can we have a sticky for the unofficial…


Not a bad idea, but an official FAQ would be better.

Or we could all add a link to it in every question/deal we post :)


@thedogma: It's like magic! But I meant like this:

The FAQ'ing Rules



@okham: We haven't forgotten, but we'll see what sort of update we can get on how it's progressing.


@inkycatz: Even though we've pretty much already done the work for you :P


@thedogma: Just consider me the messenger in these cases. :)


@inkycatz: thanks for the update, inky. We sometimes forget there's a lot going on in the woot family.


best part of the FAQ: is the text formatting


@okham: Yup, still in progress. Since I don't have an ETA, I don't think anyone's going to object if we just throw it out there once in a while until it happens.


@inkycatz: Thanks for the status on making the unofficial FAQs official! After 5 months of 'Pending' or 'In Progress', I believe that most members realize they're not official.

As an interim measure, I believe @thedogma was asking to place a Sticky at the top of the ATC page. That way people wouldn't have to locate the link for the Unofficial FAQs, they could just point or link to the little yellow stickpin. Doesn't matter that they've not received the blessing of deals. Just want an easier way to tell people the non-rules. ;-)

So...could we please have a STICKY pin while we wait? Pretty please w/a cake on top? ;-)


@gmwhit: Exactly on point. It would (ideally) be immediately visible to anyone who came to the ATC community section and would help cut out a lot of the repeat questions


Should they? Yes. Will they? No.

I mean doesn't everyone know that to embed a video you have to use this format:


I mean DUH.


A sticky would be awesome! In the meantime, I have it bookmarked and refer to it as deemed necessary. Thanks to @lichme for the startup and everyone else who has contributed to it.


BTW, that post up there ^

Is when I found out how to kill Woot.


@iggz: You can never kill my soul, iggz. I know you wanna, but it's never gonna happen. Felt you should know.


@inkycatz: That attitude will make this much more EXCITING.