questionswhat are wooters hobbys?


I used to have hobbies and then @Jumbowoot started handing out coupons and now I have to post deals 14 hours a day just to keep my black triangle. The other 10 hours are divided up in to sleep eating and personal hygiene.


Video Games

Wow I seem a lot nerdier than I am... at least I think so.


I collect spores, molds and fungus.


@okham: Damn! I woke up at 5:25 and see there are only a couple answers read the first two and say YEAH! then I read yours and realize I'm still an hour too slow.

Anyways, Life is boring for the lowly Steve. I really enjoy to cook (but hate the cleanup ugh), space and science stuff, hanging out with nature, and my number 1 love: Music. I used to want to be a big time radio DJ and just play new music for everyone and then I realized there was only one of those left that actually get to play whatever they want and he just lost his job recently (Jim Ladd) -sigh- If only people were willing to pay to find out about new bands, I'd just spend all my time sharing the new stuff I found out about.

Edit: oh yeah I forgot to say: to Go to yard sales-resell on ebay
This is fun.


@cowboydann: I get to do the science stuff at work, so I can't really claim it as a hobby. I guess I fall in the same categories for my actual hobbies: reading (mostly scifi/fantasy), video games, and beer/whiskey tasting. Although the last could possibly qualify as a secondary career.


Playing video games, playing sports and pottery when I get a chance (took a class in college and loved it)


@gideonfrost: I'm with gideonfrost on this one. Who has time for hobbies? I'm too busy Wooting!

Actually, DH keeps telling me that I need a hobby. Over the I pointed out that I have gardened (vegetable and flowers) and cross-stiched, have always read voraciously (fantasy and mystery), write for several publications when requested, work full time, and volunteer waaay too much time with a couple of groups. "No," he says. "I mean a HOBBY. Like tennis!" Argh. Why did I marry into a sports-freak family?

Now I just say that my hobby is LAUNDRY.


Music (going to concerts)
Movies (cheap Blu-rays from deals.woot)
Games (mostly console for me)


I correct spelling and grammar. *Hobbies.


@gideonfrost: While I Woot, I also enjoy being a student in my free time at a local state school. Yes, being a student is a hobby these days. I take great pride in my hobby! :)


I've been trying to build a paper clock lately. It's taking a lot longer than I expected it to. I hope that doesn't sound too lame. I promise I have other hobbies.


Every time I look at the site, and see this question, it makes me laugh all over again. :-D

Sure, I have a hobby. My hobby is Deals dot Woot, silly goose. Isn't that obvious? It reminds me of one of my favorites:

Do not rouse the Old Ones from the chthonic caverns of their repose.
Do not taunt the dragon which at present glances at you idly
through one slightly opened eye. Do not become someone's hobby.

{For the curious:}

@misuhsipee, I've made that clock before. I love that book. The most important things are a steady hand, and a VERY sharp knife. It's very cool once you're finished.


This year, it seems to be cooking & marksmanship. I am going to try my hand at home re-modeling (which is scary) in the spring.

I actually have become one dimensional in this area. I need to work on that.


I like to make barbecue in my bullet smoker.


Long distance motorcycle riding

40,000 miles last year, 2 trips to Alaska planned this year that will take me up the Haul Road.

When there's snow on the ground, I sit at my computer and dream.....