questionsshould i get a new hdtv now or wait until theā€¦


I would hold off for cyber monday or if you're truly brave, black friday.


@superheman: The biggest reason I think I should wait is that we're getting ready to buy a 2nd home and put this one up for sale. I think any big expenses probably need to wait until the dust has settled

BTW, does anyone want a 3 year old child?

vote-for4vote-against - right now - is doing some pretty decent sales on HDTVs. I think it lasts maybe 3 more days.

Go here:

Signup to receive the stupid "private invite" or whatever and it'll link you to even more deals.

Some are new and some are refurbs. And granted the sales aren't as "huge" as they are saying (they're calculating from MSRP and not from actual prices compared to Amazon and the like), but they are still some sales.


wait. if anything, there will be more in depth reviews of the 3D LED tvs that are out right now. then you'll be able to pick the best tv and get a better price. it's win-win.


@capguncowboy: I would take the three year old, but (and you need to pay close attention to this one) I don't give them back. He could have his own room. I'm retired, and (as my daughter will attest) I'm a good time as a parent; strict on the things that matter, and utterly indifferent on the ones that don't. I have no rules about cleanliness (other than insisting children sleep outside if they don't want to bathe, since I prefer not having to wash bedding). There's no rules on what foods you can or can't eat, but I fix the food I like, and that's that. There's no junk food in the house, and not likely that there will ever be, either. No fast food, for that matter.

I can, on the other hand, spend hours watching toads that are just starting to think about winter, and where they want to dig in for their long sleep.

I know that you're joking, of course, and I'll bet your little boy feels bad enough already. Still, tell him he had an offer. ;-}


Some B&M stores may have some decent sales for Labor Day. Check all the ads in your Sunday paper, and sure, feel free to toss out the Best Buy ad. I'm not a fan of theirs either. If you live near a Fry's Electronics check them out.

There are also lots of sites you can check out for bargains, like,,, etc. Prices really are ridiculously low right now and while there may be some true steals come Black Friday, there are still lots of good prices to be had practically any day until then.

Since you have a small child who likes to swing swords you may already have a Costco membership. Check out their quasi-monthly coupon book and remember that they extend all warranties to two years, plus a generous return policy as well.


As for the TV you have to ask yourself, "Can I either get away to a sports bar every Sunday until the move is final or can I stand to watch it on a screwed up tv?" I cannot imagine skipping football as an option.

As for the kid, no thanks. my twin 4 year old boys are plenty.


@capguncowboy: I'll take the 3-year-old....but only if I can trade you for my 2-year-old.


Consider your financial situation and personal level of patience. That's how you should make your decision.

No matter when you buy your tv, a few months later it could be much cheaper.


@shrdlu: lol, thanks for the offer, I'm certain you'd be an excellent fill-in mother, but I am a little attached to him -- even if I am irritated by his behavior. The poor little guy will be 4 on Thanksgiving this year and he's already nearly 4 feet tall and 50 lbs. He doesn't realize he's not 5 or 6 because all the kids that live nearby are that age and the same size. He tries his best to play the things they like to play but he's a little clumsy, so he breaks stuff. I was the same way as a child until I was about 6 or 7.

@mgherter: I already have one of those. She's a drama queen, but she is our little Fraggle. Always the center of attention and the happy-go-lucky type.

@packmanv29: Football season is the only time of the year that I even watch TV. My kids commandeer it the rest of the year. I have a 32" LCD in my room, so I'll probably be watching a lot of football in there. It's unbearable to try to watch anything on the bigger TV in the living room, the lines are really bad.


@capguncowboy: Do you play Fantasy Football? We totally should've done a Woot league this year!


@bonoman: I do actually. This is my 5th year doing it and it always helps pass the weeks between games. I have really enjoyed it despite my hesitation to start way back when

It's not too late to do a woot league TBH. Drafts are open through Saturday. I'd join!


I know you don't like best buy but their extended warranty might be worth it with a little one about. I've never used it so I can't vouch if they stand by it but I'm sure they do. Their accidental is if it breaks they replace it. I was told that even if I hit it with a hammer just to see what would happen that they would replace it for me.

There's also other 3rd party warranties but as I have never used them either I can't vouch for any. IE: Squaretrade.

As for should you get one now or wait. I've been debating the same thing myself and honestly it's close enough to black Friday/cyber Monday to just wait.


@dravack: I had a warranty via but failed to get the accidental damage coverage. I'm pretty sure it wasn't offered back then though


One other thing to check is that many credit cards offer an extended warranty on products you buy with their cards. Check the fine print, you never know.


Since you are looking to change homes, that in itself is reason to wait. I was passing a TV section and noticed this fantastic 70" Sharp TV. The price was too high for me, but what it means is that the 55" and 60" TVs will be coming down in price. That would be a second reason to wait.


@capguncowboy: Not sure what size you wanted. I swore you said it somewhere up there but it's to late for me to find it. But not the point. I just saw this and thought this was a good deal. $772.99 for a 42 inch LED 120 hrz etc..

I don't think it's 3d ready though a few google posts seem to say it is.

LG's site

Also note that LG website Q&A says no.


er I just remembered you said no best buy but either way there's a price point for you to see. Also can get Walmart to price match since it's in this weeks store ad for best buy.