questionscan you help me find a 24inch lcd @ 1600x900?


I think it would be good to note that there is a difference between "recommended resolution" and "supported resolution".

Once you hit 24" it's going to recommend to you that you use 1920x1080; however, that doesn't mean that it will not support a different resolution (i.e. 1600x900).

On my 22" displays at work the recommended resolution is 1680x1080; however, I can still set it to 1600x900.

I have 23" displays at home, I can double-check those if you like -- I don't have a 24" that I can check easily, though it should be the same.


@sgrman05: For some reason, 1600x900 is not commonly supported at all for 24" LCDs. As I mentioned in my initial post, my Samsung LCD supports 1440x900 but not 1600x900; it will do 1600x1200 and its optimal is 1920x1200.

I do see that a lot of 20" monitors do 1600x900. That would be a bit of a step down in terms of actual screen real estate though since I'm using a 24" at the moment.

I did check the viewsonic 24" listed on Best Buy (it wasn't easy to get the PDF with the complete specs from and found it does not do 1600x900. Similarly I saw a Samsung on Staples at the same physical size and it doesn't do it either.

Although a 23" would be acceptable. I hadn't tried looking at those yet.