questionshow to get back at email scammers/phishers?



another favorite is the guy who was selling a macbook rpo and ended up scamming the scammer with a home-made cardboard laptop! can't remember the url for that one though


@kamikazeken: Just google P-P-P Powerbook and follow the Something Awful forum thread.


Years ago I received a call on my work phone during an election. "Hi, I'm calling for Bob Dole..." At which point I cut them off and said, "I'm sorry, he doesn't work here."

Otherwise I just ignore them.


@xavoc: I love when political calls come in from candidates I don't like. I'll start asking questions, and keep them on the line as long as possible, and when they finally sound about ready to hang up, I say "Oh, sorry, I just realized I voted absentee already for your opponent".

Most time I've made them waste in one call is 45+ minutes. I figure I saved 4 or 5 other people from getting a call.


One of my favorite pastimes during lunch is to login to an email account I have that is only used for harassing phishers/scammers.

I tell them that I don't need their money because I have enough of my own, or that I would like to help them but I wasn't sure what to do. They usually jump on that pretty quick and I have gotten some good laughs out of it. When they say I have a lot of money coming because of the lottery, unknown bank account, whatever but in order for me to get it I have to send them money, I tell them just to send it to me and take their cut before they do.

When they ask for a phone number, I usually give them the number for directory assistance (Your area code) 555-1212.

I usually sign it with the name of "Bud Tugly" and they never catch on. What a bunch of morons.


Whenever I get a credit card application or anything with a return envelope I go ahead and write a note that says “No Thank You” and mail it back to them with nothing else in there. Usually I just mail back the terms and conditions. When they see that they probably think I was an idiot and didn’t know how to properly send in the application. But who’s real the idiot? I just made they pay for postage so that I could send them back their terms and conditions. Plus, is supports our hard working people at the postal service.


I heard that if you respond to the email scammers, that just makes your email more of a target in the future. So as much as i'd like to harass these evildoers, it seems like I might just be hurting myself in the long run.



Hmmm... I think I'm going to start doing this.


@baqui63: better yet, take the return-postage-paid envelope from junk mailer 1, and fill with all the forms from junk mailer 2. Fill Junk mailer 2's envelope with junk mailer 1's papers. Also stuff them with the junk mail that doesn't have envelopes (directv flyers, pennysaver, etc).