questionshave you successfully set up a wifi "repeater" or…


Did a quick search and found this and this. So, apparently, as the tech said, Actiontec modem/routers don't function with repeaters.

What I did was use my old Linksys wireless router in conjunction with the Actiontec (over LAN) so I could keep my old settings (DMZ, firewall). I think all I did was disable DHCP on the Linksys and it was good to go. Match the SSID (I turn off the broadcast) and login credentials so you can hop between routers. I know it's not what you were looking for, but it's the best I can offer.

I tried to connect the Linksys to the Actiontec over WAN and it just didn't work, no matter what I tried. I believe it is purposely blocked by Verizon to avoid conflicts with TV/Phone service on the same line. I think you can use a secondary Actiontec router (according to the thread).

Good luck.


I have a Verizon router, and the wifi only reaches about 20 ft. I keep switching routers and none would go past 20ft. so i bought Linksys Powerline AV Wireless Network Extender (PLWK400)
I works perfect And do not lose any speed at all.


Half a decade ago I did such with a Linksys router and repeater. Both off the shelf at fry's, no Verizon. Getting it setup with encryption turned on was a nightmare that took days.

I would Google this and no count on an answer - but maybe you'll get lucky.


First, make sure the router you want to use as a repeater is dd-wrt capable. You can search it on google. Dd-wrt is a special firmware for your router that lets you get the most out of it. If it turns out your router IS DD-WRT capable, then I'll link you to an excellent video I used a couple of years ago, I just have to find it.


your best bet is to turn off wifi on the modem and get your own wifi router; or call verizion and tell them of your trouble and that you need a diffrent modem/router to suite your needs or you may need to switch services.


That Lynksis repeater is junk. It didn't even work with LynkSis router. I recommend getting your own. Ddwrt capability it's great if you are tech savvy, otherwise get one that is in own to work with your other repeater if you still need that. Shouldn't cost more than $35.


We moved to a much larger house this past summer. When the Verizon guy was out setting it up, I mentioned to him where would be the best place for the router. He showed me the best place for it, but also gave me an extended reach router. So, a call to Verizon may clear it up for you. However, I've had less than great results with their customer service.


@txdave13: You're not one of those people who call and are hateful and expect things to get done are you?


Thanks to everyone for their answers. Some of them led me in the right direction, and I did some more research. Here's an update, in case it helps someone else in the future.

A very good support tech at Actiontec told me the following.

• In order for a wireless "repeater" to work, the modem/router (where the incoming DSL or cable line is connected) needs to have WDS (Wireless Distribution Service) implemented. This requires specific hardware and firmware in the router.

• Actiontec makes most (if not all) of the modem/routers used by Verizon and AT&T. None of those modem/routers have WDS. Therefore, none of those modem/routers will work with any wireless repeater.

• Actiontec makes only one modem/router which does have WDS and is available in limited retail stores: model # C1000A. As shipped, it's configured for CenturyLink; with some skill it might be changed to work with Verizon. No guarantee the mod will work.

Tough news, folks... Thanks again for your posts!