questionswhat fabric works best for thermal underwear and…


We have several pairs of these for shirts and bottoms. COtton stays wet. Polys like this one, wick wetness from the skin. This works great under clothes and doesn't make you bulky.


I have some Smartwool long undies and also polypropylene ones. I love the smartwool pair for overall comfort and utility. They may be considered slightly more than cheap, but in the end I think it's a wise investment.
I also have some Underarmour, good stuff.


The only true and natural fabric that will still insulate when wet is wool (and if you don't want to itch, you'll get merino). I haven't found any synthetics that come close. Unfortunately, good merino layers are going to cost you. My advice...find some merino skins that you like, and then try stores like TJ Maxx and Ross (or other similar discount clothing stores). I've found some gret deals on brands like Icebreaker and Smartwool at places like this.


My wife bought me silk long johns once, which I initially thought was the silliest idea ever. But they really do work to keep me warm, plus they're soft, lightweight, and make me feel... well... kinda sexay.


Another vote for silk. Polypro and Polarfleece are other good options.


I buy a few sets of silk a year from Sierra Trading Post, which frequently has coupons here on Deals.Woot. I wear them under just about everything from October to March. The men's turtleneck style also works well as a civilized visible layer under a t-shirt (for any gender).

I can't vouch for their properties when wet, but if you catch the right sale, you can get a full set (top and bottom) for $30 at STP.


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