questions"unlimited free tacos" - are spammers getting…


Free tacos?! Heck yes!

I’ve been getting spam from “” regarding my “order cancellation” with an official looking reference number. I’ve only clicked on it once and now it goes to my spam. I’ve also been getting spam from “facebook” and “youtube” that look pretty legit. I think they’re getting crafty and realize the younger crowd doesn’t fall for the old “CLICK HERE AND GET LOTS OF MONEY!!$$” spam.


I doubt the spammers are getting smarter (they are, after all, spammer scum), they're just trying out different lines.


@kristiwsu: I've been getting that and email returned from mail daemon that an email was undeliverable, but it's not an email that I ever sent.


What is a Taco??, and do I want a free one??


@kristiwsu: I want free tacos too! I've never received fake Amazon spam, but plenty of fakebook spam, even with names that sound half familiar. But, I've been only getting them sent to my spam email where I don't control my facebook account.


I called Amazon on the first one, and the nice man in India said they were working on it and not to be worried. I've gotten a dozen or more since then and just deleted them.


But I need the tacos or I will explode. That happens to me sometimes.


@moondrake: Amazon reset my password for me after determining that I had been a recipient of one of those fake emails. I was not impressed. I mean it's not like I clicked on it and entered my info or password on whatever jank site it linked to. I mean, come on Amazon. I'm a big boy and can take care of my own account without you "helping" me out.


Since I've switched to Gmail I get maybe one spam in my inbox a week, and my spam folder has thousands of messages so it isn't that spammers don't have my address. So if everyone switched to Gmail (or if other email providers used Gmail's blocking algorithm), spam as we know it wouldn't exist.

Anyway, I wouldn't say a message promising free tacos is a sign of smarter spammers, since "free" in a subject line would normally get a message blocked even in the bad old days of the 90s. If anything it would suggest they're getting stupider, or at least starting to ignore their own rules out of desperation.


@starblind: I don't think I get any spam in my inbox with gmail, and only a few emails in my spambox per week. Maybe I'm just lucky.

Hotmail on the other hand (my junk email account that I used to use) has a couple thousand spams in my inbox and only a couple hundred in my junk folder. I never liked their system anyway.


I save all my fav spam!! Heres my most recent addition:

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Send me the email, in the off chance there is free Tacos I will try anything!


I've gotten a number of fairly realistic-looking notices from Facebook, Twitter, UPS, the laserjet's printing queue, and my assorted banks. Pity that I don't use any of those.

Now I want tacos. D:<


I don't care about spam, but I DO care about tacos. Doritos Locos!