questionsdid you buy a that daily deal. com $35 random…


I didn't but now I'm wishing I did. Poo.


Where they sized right? Stained? I was tempted just as a holiday costume idea..or to freak out the new boyfriend! But when it said you couldn't choose a size and they may be soiled I backed down.


@minxa1: Yeah! The fact that they could be soiled... that stopped me too.


LOL. That is disturbing and disgusting. I didn't bother reading into the deal farther, I knew there had to be a catch! Why would you buy something that might not even be your size?


@cindihoward: Okay, ya' got me. I'm so curious I have to ask: 1) Were they your daughter's size? If not, can they be altered? 2) Was she NOT getting married because she had 'nothing to wear?' 3) Will she wear 1 to the wedding & the other to the reception? (Novel idea, btw) 4) Please tell me you're not serious about ANY of this. Please....I beg you. ;-)