questionsfor portable business use, ipad or macbook air?


Why do you not just get a regular Mac laptop? I think the Air is geared more towards the non-commercial user. I've had several macbooks, and I prefer them to everything for traveling. I've used almost anything and everything you can think of, but I would think that there are certain limitations with both the ipad and the air that would make them not my first choice.

That said, the air has a completely beautiful display, and would probably drive the video feed faster than even the newest ipad.


I have a MacBook Pro (2010). It is just too dang heavy to tote around all day, along with my other items.


@caver2130: Then get the air. As I'd said, the video will impress you.


I had the same question at the beginning of this year. I ended up buying a 13in MacBook Air. You can get them with i7 processors and 8GB RAM. Mine handles things better than any windows laptop I've had, and with flash memory it boots up and shuts down as well as sleeps/wakes up faster than my former 2010 MacBook Pro did.


Another vote for an Air. I just got an 11" for traveling and love it. Great battery life (although you may want to go with the 13" which has better battery life), so light and portable, built tough, and silent with the SSD. Plus, you still have a full, comfortable keyboard, and customize the RAM to what you want. My job requires lots of presentations, and the 11" can handle it, I've found that most conference centers have the necessary dongles to hook it up to a projector in case I forget mine (not always the case with an iPad). One last note, and this might just be personal opinion, but when I'm at a conference or a meeting, it just looks more professional to have a laptop in front of me than it does a tablet. Yeah, I'm probably just checking email on either one, but for some reason it seems a little more acceptable. Anyway, both are great devices, and with the app market continuing to improve, the iPad has become much more robust than it started out as. Good luck.


Short and relevant answer: macbook air.

Unsolicited discussion: my wife has a similar need - mobile presentations, photos, slideshows, etc. She's had macbooks for a while, as well as pc's, and isn't a loyalist for either... she buys what works best for her. Most recently, that's been a surface pro. If the air changes a few niggling items she found to be shortcomings, she might go back... but for now, loves the surface.

If your business is mac based in general, and you deal with files or formats that aren't portable - stick with a mac to avoid the cross-platform compatibility woes (albeit these are lower in frequency now compared to several years ago)


Thanks for the help, everyone. Got a great deal on an open-box 13" Air at Best Buy. It seems to do the trick.


It shouldn't be too surprising that a full-fledged laptop – even a small one like the MacBook Air – is bigger than a tablet. The Air is 24 percent longer, three percent wider, and 81 percent thicker than the iPad (at least when counting the tapered Air's thickest point). In terms of overall surface area, the MacBook is 35 percent bigger.