questionswhy is there less respect for ringo?


Maybe Paul is simply a better performer than Ringo. I don't see shows out of respect for someone; I see shows based on how entertaining it will be. I'm sure most people are the same.


It's probably just a symptom of the relatively common disease of drummer-disrespect. There are lots of drummer jokes in western culture.

For one example:

What do you call the guy who's always hanging out with the band?
The drummer.


people want to hear singing, and familiar singing at that. paul sang a lot more hits than ringo. what would you do if ringo sang you a song, and he tried not to sing out of key? would he get by without a leetle help from his friends?

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Well yes they both were Beatles, but Paul had a hand in writing ~85% of the songs with John, while Ringo wrote very little. Post-Beatles Paul has returned to the top of the charts solo, with Wings, and in numerous collaborations with other stars, while Ringo has recorded in relative obscurity. But I don't hear Ringo complaining - to the contrary he as ever seems down to earth and thankful for all he has. If it doesn't bother him you should be able to get over it as well, though he does have Barbara Bach to console him, not to mention millions of dollars.


One of my favorite parts of "A Hard Day's Night" is when Ringo is just wandering around


I don't think being a drummer limits your career growth potential - not like portraying Superman, anyway. Don Henley and Phil Collins have done ok for themselves, and drumming for Nirvana didn't seem to hold back Dave Grohl. And who doesn't love Chevy Chase (circa 1980)? He was basically the first drummer for Steely Dan.


@tarasadies: He was the narrator on some of the Thomas the Tank Engine shows.


I would like to add I actually enjoyed the Thomas the Tank Engine, much better than Barney.