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I've had a no-zip heavyweight hoodie that seems to be doing well so far, I want to say it's at least 1.5 years old and a lightweight zip hoodie that I've had to replace the zipper on. I want to say it lasted about 2 months before the zipper went south. Good thing I've got a sewing machine and know how to use it or I would've been less than impressed. I've got no experience with the heavyweight zip hoodie though.


I didn't realize there's a heavyweight hoodie. I picked up a lightweight one a while back, but was surprised how really thin it was, not much different from having a long-sleeve t-shirt with a hood and zipper. I wasn't inclined to try buying a hoodie again, but now that you've mentioned it, I'd be willing to try a heavyweight one.


I've had both kinds and haven't had any problems. My son wears a lightweight one that gets washed probably once a week. I have a heavier one and a lightweight one that I wear occasionally.


I've got... four? five? of the heavyweight hoodies and I wear the hell out of them: indoor lounging/outdoor yardwork/around town like a normal person. I even heavily load down the pockets when I don't feel like using a purse or am carrying lots of stuffs from the kitchen up to my room. They are all over a year old, at least, and all of them are in excellent shape. I wash them much more often than I need to, I suspect, but I don't ever put them in the dryer--just hang-dry. Maybe that makes a difference? I dunno. But they're all looking and feeling great. The one black one is a little faded, but I strongly suspect that's from someone having put it in the dryer and lying about it to me.

It never hurts to send an email to support with an explanation of your issue and some photo evidence. At this point, nothing may come of it, but you don't lose anything by trying.


I too have bought several zipup hoodies from Woot and have not had any problems with them. It does seem like you may have gotten the unlucky one in the bunch that did not get inspected. Hope things work out for you.


I have a heavy weight zip up hoodie that is also 1.5 years old, and though it doesn't get constant wear, it's holding up fine and still glowing nicely in the dark even.


I've got two of the zip-up hoodies, and they are both still in very good shape, no issues with the zippers or wear.


@goldenthorn: Do they shrink up? I'm not so concerned about them shrinking in on the sides as I'm not particularly large but my torso is rather long and I'm afraid they would slowly become a belly sweater like so many other cotton hoodies.

I always try to buy things a bit big anticipating the shrinkage but to my dismay shirts and hoodies often shrink in the wrong direction.


@nmchapma: Yes, I feel that they do shrink if washed in warm/hot and dryer-dried, though not if washed on cold and hang-dried. I feel like the zip-up hoodies and pullover hoodies shrink almost a full size when dried in the dryer, both length and width (but especially width). I purposefully buy one size larger to account for the inevitable whoops-I-threw-it-in-the-dryer incidents.


Thanks everyone for their help. I will follow-up with customer service. It seems as if it was just a fluke. Cheers!