questionsis woot just more unstable than usual today?


I haven't personally noticed any instabilities beyond the norm today in my wooting, but I can tell you that I've seen a lot of what you've mentioned recently...
Since the comments started doing the hip-swing:
- the comment counts have been rather funny
- comments have been reported as "ghosting" - appearing in the wrong thread temporarily after you add them, only to appear in the correct place a few minutes later.

As to the other symptoms, I'm not sure what may be causing them... Perhaps @shawnmiller can help us out?


It's not just you. In fact as I'm typing this it says that there is 1 Comment, but no comments are (yet) visible.


I spoke too soon... now my comment isn't showing up for me :D
This is pretty cool, but let's get on this one, please, Woot Staff!


It does indeed seem that way. The last deal I added took almost five minutes to show up on the 'Fresh' tab... I type this it says there are two other comments, but they aren't visible to me at this time.

Just have to sit tight while the developers sort things out.


I'm certainly seeing it - @shawnmiller @josefresno I think the whozit isn't updating the whatzit fast enough for the howzit again.


Yep, both of things happened to me this afternoon @anotherhiggins and @arosiriak.

I just logged back in after completely closing out the browser. It's behaving a little better, let's see if it sticks.


I just tried to add a deal (my first deal in days) and it doesn't show up yet. I'm tempted to post again, but, based on the behavior we're seeing here I'm assuming it will show up in a few minutes.

Man, if someone else beats me to posting that deal it would be a bummer.


OK, it's good to know that I'm not alone - and thanks for calling in the Coding Cavalry.

Now I can't see a comment I added just after @arosiriak's comment about speaking too soon. It was there until I made an edit, then it vanished. But it and another phantom comment are in the 6 comment count (6 as of a couple of minutes ago).


@afurball: nope no different than any other day this past month.


@realistpm: I bet staff is updating something. The database takes a while to catch up to postings sometimes. your deal is there. It just isn't 'showing' yet.


hobbit... it has 17 votes and hasn't made the popular page... somethings screwy..


@realistpm: someone would say that it is has to do with its peers....I roll my eyes. Questions never move like deals. They have to be moved over manually by staff because we don't post as many questions as we do deals. I wouldn't stress about it.


It's happening again. I posted a question and it didn't show up on the Fresh tab for 25 minutes.

I've posted a few comments that haven't come up yet. I'm sure this comment won't show up for a while, either.

I'm not sure if y'all have noticed this, but the count of comments under the OP is correct and updates immediately, even though new comments aren't yet visible. In other words, it's common to see a deal/question that says, "5 Comments" even though only two comments are visible.

Also: if you click on Edit and resubmit, your comment is no longer visble to you. Luckily I copied the Edit URL (a javascript command) to come back into this comment to make another edit.