questionsany one know of a place to sell tires?



Have you priced a transmission replacement for it? Depending on make/model/popularity, it may still be cost effective to consider, especially if the rest of the car is still in decent condition.

If you're in any car enthusiast forums, advertise there first, you'll probably get a better return. Otherwise, craigslist the whole car at a price somewhat higher than the junkyard value, noting that the tires are all new.


Wow, that sucks.

I'd agree that Craigslist is probably the way to go. You might also consider selling them on ebay and specify local pickup only.

I haven't sold anything on ebay in a while but they used to have a Seller's tool that allowed you to take a specific item's model number say, a Dell Inspiron 1555 and see how much they have been selling for over a certain period of time. So, you might want to check into that whether you choose to go the ebay route or not.


Sorry for your loss

Non-experienced advice
Did you explain the situation to the tire dealer, will they take them back? What are you doing with the car?
If auto salvage ask how much with for the car with no rims. My understanding good rims are not cheap.

Thank you for not selling your soon to fail car.


I bought a new car this year and my old snow tires of course were a different size so I had to sell them. I sold them on craigslist for a pretty good price considering they were going on their third season. I'd say craigslist is your way to go.

If you need a bit of a tax break and want to donate your old car maybe they can compensate you for donating a set of brand new tires in the appraisal. That's always an option.


Are the wheels decent?
It's easier to sell tire/wheel as a package and you'll probably recoup more.

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eBay or Craigslist.

Make your selling life easier and spend a couple bucks on a tread depth gauge. Take pictures of the depth gauge in the tread at 2 or 3 different spots per tire. Saves questions, also will steer legitimate buyers your way.


Don't go to Town [un]Fair Tire.


Sounds like you're counting the car as a loss. If you're not hurting for the money and don't want to bother with the trouble and headache of selling the parts and pieces, donate the car to a good organization that will pick-up and take the whole car.

Purple Heart is one I can think of straight off. You can then claim the blue book value and value of the new on your taxes, and help some deserving folks at the same time. They will also pick-up the car for you.


@j5: Generally true, although that depends on how common the wheels are. If the car is unusual (even if it is an inexpensive car) the lug pattern might not be useful for many other vehicles - and hence a buyer would have to have the tires un-mounted in order to put them on useful rims. On the other hand if it happens to be for a car that is common in your area then try selling it as a package.


@narfcake: Hopefully craigslist is useful in their area for selling cars. I have attempted to sell two cars on CL over the years and both times had responses from all sorts of jokers who wanted to give me nothing or trade me things I had no use for. Enthusiast sites for the specific make/model will likely get the owner a lot further towards finding a buyer, especially if their car has any desirable or hard-to-find parts on it.


You can take the wheels off the car, get some crap / used tired put on them.
Junk (sell) the car and sell the tires on CL as others have mentioned. Or save them until you need em if you get a car with similar size tires.


@107bear: Nit - You couldn't claim blue book value for several years now. The write-off amount you'll get is $500 or the actual proceeds from the charity within 30 days; that probably means they're auctioning it off or selling it for scrap value.


@th3madhatter: "You can take the wheels off the car, get some crap / used tired put on them."

That's what I was thinking. Maybe even get the old tires back from the tire shop?


I am interested in this. I am driving a car that is going to be returned to the dealer because of engine issues and I just put new winter tires on it a few weeks ago when I picked up the new car. I kept the old tires around so luckily i can swap those back on to bring it back to the dealer, but now I need to get rid of the new winter tires. Craigslist is what I was thinking, but im curious what other suggestions people can come up with here.


@ginawoot: Yeah, the sad part is they probably had to pay a disposal fee on the old tires that they want back now... :(


ebay will cost you some - not much. Craigslist is probably the easiest. You could also try a car forum that is specific to your make/model/year. I've done well selling car parts on forums - more focused audience.


If you put standard (common) sized tires on it, hang on to them, maybe they'll fit your new car. Otherwise, I think the wheels/tires package sale on CL is a good way to go.

But really, did you speak to the place where you just bought them? At the dealer I used to work at, we'd take your tires back if you didn't like them, as long as you put less than a certain amount of miles on them.


There are a few auto places around that sell used tires. They might be interested in picking some up to add to their inventory.


@countdown: If you have a place to properly store the winter tires, wait until fall when they'll be worth more. Winter tires at the end of the winter = bargain shoppers only.

@wisenekt: The used tire places will take them for free, which isn't the goal here. As it is, they have their own supply of used tires in decent condition courtesy of their customers who don't rotate the tires; considering many more cars are FWD than RWD, the front pair wears out way faster than the rear pair.


Two blocks? I would ask the seller to take them back. They will still have the little rubber feelers on them like new ones do, which they basically are.


@narfcake: thanks for the tip! I have summer tires to get rid of too, so at least if I cant sell one set I can sell the other (and yes, my apartment building has a nice storage locker for me to store the tires in for a couple seasons)