questionstried to post a deal, no go, noticed no new deals…


Must be. I tried maybe an hour ago, and couldn't post. Tried again just now, a deal from a different site, and still no go.


Appears to be working now, but yes, it was broken for 5+ hours.


Sorry about that. There does appear to be a gap there. If you have persistent problems again, ping me with the @. If I'm available, I'll take a looksie and report it needed. This is more so on the weekend than during weekdays when other staff is on board to take care of problems.


@thunderthighs: It becomes so lonely, not being able to post a deal. :(


Seems to have been fixed. Last night I got a "Yikes, there has been a server error." and gave up.


If someone notices a problem and asks about it right away over here in the community, it may get fixed quicker. It didn't take very long after the question was posted for everything to get back on track. Yay for the Woot development team!