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Check out for options. It's legit.


@jsimsace: Thanks :) I already did .... Unfortunately they only have Men's M, XL, and XXXL


In regards to sizing, I wore a WXL or MM on the AA blanks (old shirts) and now wear a WM or MM on the Anvil blanks (newer shirts). The old WXL and MM are pretty similar in dimensions, and even the current WM and MM aren't all that far off size-wise either.

I measured one of my old MM shirts:
-shoulder-to-shoulder=17 inches; chest=18 1/2 inches; length=27 1/2 inches; sleeve length=8 inches (I don't know how this compares to its original dimensions.)

Official dimensions of the new WL: chest width=21 inches; front length=27 inches

When the new blanks came out, I was unsure which size would work best for me so I ordered one shirt on WL. I just held it up to my old MM shirt and shoulder-to-shoulder width, front length, and sleeve length are about the same. However, chest width, all the way down to the waist width is 2+ inches wider on the new WL compared to the old MM!

So, if your niece doesn't really need that extra 2 inches, the MM on teetrade should work. Otherwise, good luck.


Thank you for your help! Since I am not getting much feedback on here I might just go for it and if she can wear it good, if not we will just wait for woot to get going again.

Thank you again :)