questionswho wants a reminder about tonight's wootchat…


Darn you, work, for interfering with my need to chat! Thanks for the clips, diceman; hopefully they'll help me get through the rest of the day ;)


oh i like free samples. hmm, not bad. a bit of a nutty flavor, and i think there's a fly in this sample


Hmm, maybe I'll try again. Last time I tried, I had trouble with the registration process. It wouldn't accept the password-type code that was sent to my e-mail. Any ideas on how I screwed up?


@pitamuffin: if you are logging in through rizon you shouldnt have to register at all. you should be able to close that box and just start chatting with your name. the register thing is so that others can not take your name. but since everyone here is probably using their woot name it should not be a problem


@raremonkey: Thanks. Don't know why I didn't just try typing something to see.


I sometimes visit but tonight I am very tired from trying to entertain everyone so I might pass out before this happens


One of these days I should stop by. (I am usually very tired though.)
Come to think, I also miss turntable.

Perhaps I need more fun in my world.


What's WootChat? Never heard of it. ;)