questionsdo you buy blockbuster's dvd's and blu-ray deals?


I do not buy them, most likely because I am never in a Blockbuster. My daughter buys them all the time, she calls them her thirty day rentals...


Yep, most of my DVDs have a previewed sticker on them. Never had any problems.


No blockbuster within 1 hour from I have to say no.


Blockbuster recently closed about 70-80% of their locations. But I've bought quite a few used movies from them in the past, when they had good deals, or during the liquidation sales, when stuff hit a sweet spot after a couple price drops.


lol, I used to, years ago.
a month or two ago, two local blockbusters were being shut down, and each week the dvds and blurays got cheaper and cheaper. I bought a few blurays at $5.99, about 8 when they hit $4.99, another dozen at $2.99, and while the pickings were slim the last few days, I got about 15 more at $1.99.


Bought many used DVDs at Blockbuster over the years. Most of the more "obscure" titles look like they were never rented.