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Depends on how much the charge is. I tend to travel light, and don't usually pack my sweats and running shoes.


I can't think of any time I wouldn't pack gear I could use for a workout. The shoes take up the most room but since I normally wear athletic shoes as casual shoes (bad feet, gimpy knees) I always pack those regardless of where I'm going. I guess it would be good if you didn't normally bring workout gear, but I don't think I would ever use the service.


@publiclurker: Personally, I'd worry about hygiene. (More so if I was a woman and need the sports bra too.) Somehow I worry that sweating in these things, even if they were thoroughly cleaned, would get nastiness freed up from hidden nooks and cranies and bring it into contact with my skin .... which leads to an "ick" reaction. To me it's like full-body bowling shoes, but with more sweat and therefore more risk.


I'm going to go with the "ew" crowd. Great sentiment, but no.


@psaux: From the website it sounds like they are cleaning everything. Since they already handle all of the sheets and stuff, I would think that they should be able to wash things good enough, since commercial laundry setups do a pretty good job.


I vote with the "Ewwwwww" choice here. I wouldn't purchase used bras, much less rent them, and I'm speaking from a guy stance here. Would you rent a jockstrap to keep things in place?