questionswhy does price come up on home depot site $140…


I assume you are referring to . It shows $140 for me as well, and I see no special code to enter. This is when you click the tattle button and alert the mods that something doesn't seem right.


Ok, I can only assume that you're talking about this deal. It probably would've been better to comment on the actual deal itself, but since I'm sure you won't ever read this, or even respond to it, I'm just wasting my time. Anyway, I commented on the deal for you; asking if there is a missing coupon code. If they respond back yes, they'll probably have a coupon code, if no the deal will be expired. You're welcome.

edit: @jsimsace beat me to it. But I still asked for you!


@jeh4949: If you read this please respond with an answer, it'd be appreciated. It looks like the deal is now expired, meaning it's no longer valid. Hope that answers your question.