questionsdo you know a good way to negotiate vacation…


Best way for you in your particular situation is probably to call the property, ask to speak to the manager or owner or whatever and tell them how much you enjoyed staying there the last time and actually asking if they will give you a discount. You'd be surprised at how often people will give you something just for asking. Also, you've got a history with the place and people really like repeat business. They know that if you've had an enjoyable time you're more likely to recommend their business to someone else.


@zuiquan: Thanks for the feedback. I will likely end up trying that. Just wondered if those vacation sites made it easier or were worth checking into.


If you are embarrassed about directly asking for a discount, you could take a more roundabout approach. Call and tell them how much you loved your stay there last time, and you'd like to come back at Christmas this year but you really can't afford the rates at their property and could they recommend something less expensive nearby? That way you aren't asking them point-blank for a discount, but opening the door for them to do so. If they don't then maybe you'll at least get a recommendation for a similar but more affordable property.

My last vacation I had picked out a B&B in Atlanta on, but called the B&B with some questions about their location. He asked if I wanted to make a reservation and I told him I was going to make the reservation through, as their quote was much lower than the rate on the hotel's webpage. He offered to price match that, and I hesitated because I earn free hotel nights on, so he gave me a free room upgrade to close the deal.


You should not be too embarrassed, an empty room cost way more then a room with a %75 discount. It is win win.


thanks guys. my wife sent an email saying how much we enjoyed it last time and would like to come back but money's tight and if htey cant hook us up, can they recommend another place. we're asking for weekdays only since they are less likely to get booked, and since its the week before Christmas, we figure there is a good chance it will stay unbooked. keeping our fingers crossed :)


we also mentioned if we got a discount we'd be happy to leave a glowing review on their website


I don't know how many places to stay there are in that area, so Priceline name your own price might not be very effective. If that's an option, though, there's a web site called that will help you get the most of the name your own price experience. I used it once before with great success.


@caffeine_dude: exactly and managers know this. If you find their occupancy for the timeframe it is like having an ace in the hole come negotiation time. FULL hotel means no discounts.


Sounds like moondrake had an answer that I agree with and can't top. Good luck!


I'm coming late to the party, but I'd like to recommend you also check out sites specifically created for by-owner vacation rentals, especially if you're driving to your location and can pack a little more than you would for a plane trip. We've rented cabins once or twice a year for 13 years and have had great results using We figured out early on that it's usually much cheaper to rent a cabin where we can eat in for breakfast (and for us, for dinner also), and since I'm a very lazy vacationer, I really appreciate not having to get dressed and go out to find food.

We've had only two bad experiences with our rentals, and only one of those was a pretty clear instance of misrepresentation by the property owner. The site is pretty easy to use, and you can set fairly good parameters for searching. As far as negotiating goes, since the holidays are booked fast, any place that isn't booked by now may well be open to a reduced-rate offer. Can't hurt to ask!