questionswould you buy a broken or "as is" ipod touch 4th…


I've bought non-working iPod classics and fixed them but not any of the touch models. If there are tutorials around and the price was right I might take a shot.


For $120, I wouldn't.

I occasionally purchase broken things and then fix them, but for this you are assuming the broken screen is the only thing wrong. Previous experience has taught me there are more things wrong than what was mentioned (especially if purchasing from a regular person).

If it is a regular person, try to talk them down a bit.


I'd suggest refurbished iPods from Apple directly:

Or check eBay, but CAREFULLY check feedback.


I recently checked that out too. If it is the screen cracked, it's fixable, yes, but costs about $90 from the web on the best price I could find on a LCD/Glass/Digitizer assembly. Link to that part:

Note: it is an eCost clone, where, if you buy from them direct, they %&)&^d you on shipping. Total for economy to CT: $9.50. Buy from them on eBay, which is usually free ship on their deals.


@mrmucox: echo on the eBay feedbacks. I've seen a used iTouch 4' go for $170 at best, but the seller charges $30 in shipping. It better be in my hand in 6 hours at that price. I chewed the guy out and he said "I've seen higher! I'm a fair shipper!" Yeah, right.


@prosperouscheat: see and search iTouch. Great site I just discovered.