questionsdo you have an old cell phone and live near a…


@thefenst: could this be posted as a deal and stay up?


@imtheotherguy: Sure, but I think it works better in this section of the site.


@imtheotherguy: To add to @thefenst's comment, there are only 8 locations nationwide that you can do this at. I, living in NY, cannot do it. Since it is not available to everyone, I would not consider this "deal worthy".


Wasn't exactly sure where to put this so I rolled my 100 sided die and put it on the question side. Glad to see the dice didn't fail me. :)


@sgoman5674: i see your point, I had not closely into the deal


Here are the locations to save time

* Scottsdale, AZ
* Costa Mesa, CA
* Mission Viejo, CA
* San Diego, CA
* Lone Tree, CO
* Oak Brook, IL
* Bloomington, MN
* Bellevue, WA


I believe it's better to donate your old phone to a qualified non-profit that helps the needy. You can usually claim a tax deduction for fair amount more than $25 for an old phone, and it goes to a much more worthwhile cause.