questionswill (should) woot ever accept amazon visa reward…


I don't know if Woot ever will, but it would be awesome if they did. I especially would like to be able to get triple points on Woot purchases.


You can trade reward points in for statement credits so in a way they do. I just changed in 30,000 points to get a 300 dollar credit.


It's also easier to track spending and rewards if you get a statement credit instead of spending the points on purchases.


I wouldn't use them if they did. I don't use the feature on Amazon as it reduces the actual points you accumulate since the 3% reward is based the amount charged to the card. If you reduce the purchase price by applying points, you reduce the new points you get. Like gideonfrost, I use the statement credits.

What would be wonderful (and something that may make me spend more money on Woot! than I already do) is to apply the 3% reward level to Woot! purchases.


+1 for the get-statement-credits-instead-of-robbing-yourself-of-points-earned people. That's always been my philosophy. I was literally just explaining this to a friend of mine a few days ago.


I love the idea but I dont really want it to happen. I like how they are being kept seperate if it just becomes I dont think I will love it as much anymore


Sure. It'd be nice to see some positive changes from this acquisition.


Seriously, especially now that paypal is down, you really need to get Amazon payments working