questionswhat do you do with the melted wax on your…


I am not Jewish, but melted wax, if you can without any damage to the Menorah, try an ice cube to soften it enough to lift it off with a piece of cardboard. Also, a hairdryer might do the trick also.


If you've used beeswax candles, vegetable shortening may help to soften the wax, so that you can then gently wipe it away. This method may also work with other types of candles, but I know it works with the beeswax ones.

I recommend an ice pack over a hair dryer, since the hair dryer (or other heat) may actually cause the wax to further set onto the menorah (depending on its finish and composition). If you use the ice pack method, you can use an old credit card to pry it loose, gently. Don't use sharp metal objects like knives, since you will not be able to avoid tiny scratches.

I have many antique candle holders, and have used the ice pack method successfully. I prefer the beeswax candles because it seems that they drip far less. I have a large stash of the candles that show up during passover (the white ones), and they also seem to drip very little.