questionscan you tell me which hard drive is compatible…


I don't know if it matters, but there are seven models that start with u46e. Can you see anything like U46E-BAL7?

Do you want a spinning drive or an SSD?


It's going to be a 2.5" SATA drive. 5400rpm, 7200rpm, or solid state. I'm not sure if that's specific enough, but that's what I've found so far.


Any SATA 2.5" hard drive will work with your laptop. Whether it be an SSD (Solid State drive -- means no moving parts) or a HDD (Hard disk drive -- means it spins up like a traditional drive) is up to you. There are lots of options out there.

When it comes to computer parts, I let quality and customer reviews be my deciding factor. I set my price range and get the best bang for my buck.

Good luck!


If you have a regular hard drive (Not SSD) then you don't want 5400rpm if you're going to run an operating sytems or programs from it. 5400rpm is perfectly fine for storage or back up, but it's slow as a wet week for programs or an O/S


If you can get the full model #, Microcenter or Newegg can help you. Usually similar pricing, but check prices along with Ebay and Amaxon jic.

If you purchase on Ebay from a seller in Asia, expect 3-4 weeks shipping time.


Just listen to @Capguncowboy.
He's nailed the answer.

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@Capguncowboy almost got it right, any SATA 2.5 inch drive would work. There are some older 2.5 inch PATA drives for older laptops that would not be compatible.


@ezrapedersen: That was almost exactly his first sentence.

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You should be able to pull the existing drive out fairly easily. That will let you know what size, speed, etc you currently have.

If you are satisfied with what you currently have, then get something the same size and speed. Or, you can upgrade while you have the drive out.

Be sure to pay attention to what generation SATA the drive is, and be sure that you get something at least that generation. xfer speeds rated as 1.5/3.0/6.0 Gb/s. If you put in a slower drive, you will get slower performance.

640GB/5,400 rpm open box at $48 -
500GB/7,200 rpm new w/ 5 yr warranty, $50 w/ code -

SSD - you're on your own ;-)

People will swear by/at various mfgs. I have had drives by all of them fail, and haven't noticed that any one is better/worse than the others. I do like to get the longest factory warranty I can, though.


Thanks for all the suggestions guys. You definitely made my buying experience much less hectic. I'm off to pick up a hard drive. :D


Both are laptop HDs Only 1 type will work in your laptop.

Just too make things a bit more confusing there may be a very small adapter on the end of the HD that may look like this$(KGrHqN,!jcFBlkVWuq7BQtTDWzczw~~60_12.JPG