questionsanyone else tired of seeing smacktom posting his…


smacktom is posting everything for which is duplicated on his ebay store. And jamesmorgan1 is posting everything for smacktom's ebay store.


Thank goodness deals.woot combines all of those into one line so it doesn't hog up all the space.

In fact, this is just a waste of his time because we will only see the last deal posted after it's all done (unless you do a search).


@cengland0: Agreed. If I see more than one good deal from the same site, I will only post one for that reason.

Let someone else post it so it gets seen.


We'll reach out today.

All told.


Hi - we are so very sorry, really didn't mean to bother anyone...we're pretty embarrassed! We'll tone it down for sure. Thanks for the feedback, and please let us know if we can do anything else!


As a relative noob around here, i am pleased to see that the site not only governs itself, but that Jombowoot AND the person responsible for the question both responded.
And all have handled the situation well.


I also think that a merchant should use only one username to post deals.


@jumbowoot: "We'll reach out today. All told."

...and then an immediate response from the guilty party.... did anyone else see what happened there?

Anyone who crosses @jumbowoot had better fear for their life!! He(It) must have thugs in every city across the Nation(World?!). You make one wrong move and you may as well say goodbye to your kneecaps. Just for bringing this up I am probably going straight from Black triangle to White :(

Mercy! I yield!



Thank you for responding. We do agree with @90mcg112 that you should only use one USERID to post your deals. We would also prefer that you do not duplicate your with your ebay store. You are free to post from both sites, just not the same inventory. I'm sure you are aware of the ebay rules. Your account manager will be reaching out to you later today.

All told.


Sure thing - we've emailed you to cancel the account. We honestly do want to be responsible here - sorry for any trouble! Hope you all have a good day.


Translation: "Please don't harm my precious kneecaps Mr. jumbowoot, sir! I'll never cross you again!"

I kid, I kid


@jumbowoot: "I'm sure you are aware of the ebay rules. Your account manager will be reaching out to you later today."

Translation: "Nice eBay store you got there, kid. Be a real shame is something happened to it . . . "

I'm friends with the person who used to be in charge of monitoring and blocking all of AOL's black-listed mailers; we joked that the unofficial job title was "Chief and Final Spam Killer." Legitimate mailers worked very hard not to get on the Spam Killer's bad side.

Always a Good Thing to know who can handle what problem most expeditiously.


All joking aside, their error has been brought to their attention, they fessed up and are trying to make things right. I can respect that.


@smacktomdeals: Please check your email (and your spam folder).


@justincredibleg: Irony = if you're on, check your triangle right now. :)

(Some triangles are white right now.. at least a few of 'em are; me, magic_cave, Jumbowoot)


Ok me and @smacktom worked it out and they are looking forward to a fresh start.


@drchops: I haven't the slightest idea what you're talking about.... (pay no attention to the bruises/cigar burn mark on my cheek)


@prettywootprincess: Thank you!

@justincredibleg: Appreciate your support - you guys are great.


I thought it was strange that @shirleen is posting the entire priceangels catalog ;) lol specially considering shirleen hasn't commented on a single thing, or up/down vote (though i don't think they have any woots to do so).


@jumbowoot: reminds me of my maternal grandfather. I loved and feared him. It was sometimes so confusing.