questionsis anyone else obsessed with getting voted up?


It's nice but if it doesn't happen it's not the end of the world. I'd be more concerned that people at least read what I have to say rather than how many upvotes I get. If I get -15 it means a lot of people read what I had to say... And that's all I ask for.

Also I couldn't help but downvote you. Not judging, I was just curious to find out if downvotes would send you spiraling into a suicidal depression.


@cowboydann: Does it make me a terrible person that you saying that made me feel compelled to do the same?


@panthiest: It makes you a pretty cool person. Also I'm going to send you a PM in a minute so check your mail box in a few.


Your down votes just make me realize how much you all love me! XOXOXO


Okay seriously guys. I haven't slept at all since I posted this. Why do you have to down-vote me?! How do I delete a post? Is this ruining my reputation ratio on here?! Alright seriously. Come on!


@10elawncare: Hah I'm glad I came back to check this out. I'm sorry I'll check for any other questions you got going on and upvote them now

also tagging @panthiest to make sure they come back and see this in case they hadn't already


@cowboydann. I'll return the favor. I was just joking of course. I mean I totally don't care what my reputation is. :-|