questionswhat was woot like before the amazon takeover?


Oh, it was incredible.... a BOC for everyone every Woot Off, plus they would just give stuff away... I am pretty sure Santa Claus was running the joint...

In all seriousness, the deals were just flat out better. And, if something was listed on a Woot Off it was generally for a lower price than what it had been Wooted for in the first place.

I remember when it was common to see Woots sell out... now that rarely happens.


everyone upvoted every deal, and every question. We were all ranked #1 on the leaderboard every day. And unicorns pooped out fuzzy little bunnies.


I, too, am relatively new. Probably not a good gauge of what may have happened to woot. Would like to mention that woot is still a separate company. They make their own decisions. The same as Zappos, et al. <----If I'm incorrect about that, somecrankyone will come along and smack me. ;-)


@gmwhit: You are correct. Woot has control of the company. Amazon does have some influence in Woot, but as long as Woot remains profitable, which they are, they won't do anything. Some people may think changing to another supplier means they are losing a ton of money, but it doesn't necessarily mean that. Has anyone else noticed Woot is selling other clothing related items other than shirts (hoodies, long-sleeve shirts, etc).

And as for before the "Amazon takeover". Woot has received money from Amazon from as early as January 2008 and likely before that as well but not documented so everyone can find it.


It's hard to describe what has changed but a lot of little things changed at a similar point in time that just have changed the overall feel. To start with the deals use to be more "techie-centric" and are now more main stream (I-Pods sold now where before it was Sansa's is a prime example).

In the change over window a few employees "moved on". This may have nothing to do with Amazon and could be the natural course of business, but the timelines match-up so of course it is assumed it was changes in the business model.

Another small change is the Woot podcast. These use to be daily audio clips that were 2-5 minutes long that gave a we get weekly videos with the podcast staff having been moved to the "Seattle Office".

With the changes the overall feel just changed from being our own little internet world with our own Meme-ish products to feeling like we are just little fish in the big pond. And yes the BOC went from awesome fun to mainly crap almost immediately.


There were many differences..

The BOC's were far better back in the day (my first one had a 5'' GPS/Star Wars Darth Vader Cell Framed/Sansa MP3 Player x3/Earbuds/iPod Solar Charger/2 Star Trek Figurines).. my 2 recent BOC's were both decidedly crap, not that I will complain about the crappiness of my BoC, but only compare the differences between earlier BoC's and more recent BoC's
Shirt.woot was $10/shirt
Deals.woot had no down-vote ability
Woot-Offs had better deals and more sellouts
Home.woot didn't exist, nor did the expensive "luxury" products that came with it. BTW I ordered one of the bathroom "luxury" bronze sets and they were garbage-- I had to send them back... The dispenser was "separated" where the glue once was, and the soap dish had a huge dent in it. and it was a $54.99 item.

and I was excited to come to Woot everyday.

Now I just refresh hoping to see a post by an OP stating that they are going to reduce the shirts back to $10... but I won't hold my breath


Roombas and leakfrogs for everyone!!


@raider9924: "With the changes the overall feel just changed from being our own little internet world with our own Meme-ish products to feeling like we are just little fish in the big pond. And yes the BOC went from awesome fun to mainly crap almost immediately."

I think that's the best summation so far.


Mortimer and Monte both had a Puppy AND a Kitten!


Honestly the two things I miss most are that the wootoffs used to have a stranger assortment of items (never got a BOC so can't comment on those, but the items sold in general), and the daily podcasts


The biggest thing I've seen change is the wootoff stuff. BOC is crap as others have stated and there are a lot more lame items in the woot offs, often times at the same price as before, which just makes the woot offs seem to drag more.


@emerson42: And like this past woot off day 3, most of the woot off items were repeats from earlier in the woot off and the previous woot off. No better pricing on repeated postings or from standard daily woot deals.