questionsreccomendations for travel music?


I don't do much music on the road, but if you want to give your ears a break during the trip here's a couple podcasts you might enjoy:


Do you listen to The Mountain Goats? Heretic Pride is one of my go-to driving albums, and his new album "Transcendental Youth" is pretty good too. They got me through my "travel season" for work.


That's a pretty short drive, but there are some audiobooks you could fit in that window. Our travel favorites are audioplays like Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds or Stephen King's The Mist. If you start feeling sleepy, tune the radio to a talk show host whose viewpoints you disagree with. The more disagreeable the better. That will keep you awake better than pretty much anything.

Here's WOW on Amazon but it's pricey:

Here's an interesting article:

I bought the CDs in Australia for $12 a decade or so ago.


The Wombats are my favorite 'driving band'-- both their albums are fun to drive to.

Also special mention is Ash's Meltdown. But I think more daytime driving in the summer with that one.


If you have Sirius/XM it's hard to beat Hair Nation. If not then find any classic rock station that has a heavy rotation of Led Zeppelin, Rush, etc. Have a safe trip!