questionswhy so many duplicate deals?


sometimes that dummy detector doesn't work


@intensesupernova: I had to! haha

BTW, welcome to the deals side of Woot! Some previous discussions as a member you may want to review or catch up on:
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And as a general rule, try to focus on the quality of a deal not the quantity of deals you post.


I can't think of a single time I've posted a "duplicate" where the "dummy detector" detected it.


@kmeltzer: This. I get plenty of "false positives" though.


@tsfisch: Yeah, me too. And, when it says something is a dupe, I click 'em! But, everything I've ever posted that was a dupe, didn't show me what it was actually a dupe of.

But, doesn't bother me. That's what people can tattle for :-) When my deal disappears these days, I just assume it was a dupe.