questionscan i get opinions on moto x phones? including…


More info:
What are the tech specs for the Moto X?
Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Android™ 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)
4G LTE capability
4.7" AMOLED™ 720p HD Touch Display
1.7 GHz Dual-Core Processor with 2GB RAM
16GB Internal Memory
Integrated 2200mAh Lithium-ion battery, mixed usage up to 24 hours
1080p HD Video Capture & Playback
X8 Mobile Computing System
10 MP Camera w/ Auto-focus and LED Flash, 2 MP Front-Facing Camera
Access to thousands of apps through Google Play


You cannot beat the quality for the price. If you want a smart phone off contract, go with that or the Google Nexus 4 bought from google. Not sure if you can use the Nexus 4 with the smaller carriers.


Personally, I'd go with a 16GB Nexus 4. $250 new from Google and you can choose between dozens of MVNOs on AT&T or T-Mobile's networks, rather than being locked to Sprint MVNOs like you would if you went with a phone on Republic Wireless.
Not to mention you get vanilla Android and updates straight from Google in a timely fashion, rather than waiting eons for manufacturers and carriers to push your updates through.


@stryker4526: I'm thinking the $10 a month plan with unlimited talk and text everywhere and unlimited data on wifi. I have wifi at home and at work, so I will be around it most of the time. Everyone in my area has trouble with cell phones, it's supposedly the result of the nearby military base's electronic security measures. So using the phone on wifi while at home might be a good solution. As far as I know Republic is the only company that offers a plan like that.


You'll see a LOT of complaints of the camera quality on the Moto X, but given your timeline don't worry about that so much. A software update that greatly improves it is already in testing.


@ki4rxm: I did read that the camera left a lot to be desired. When I really want to take a photo I use my Canon. For spur of the moment photography, my best friend always has his Olympus Tough in his pocket. I've only used the onboard camera in my current phone once, to take a photo of my dog to use as wallpaper. I only need my phone to do a few things, be a phone, work hands free in my car, have a bit of music and a few games, on rare occasions use as an alarm or timer, and be able to run the Intuit app so I can take credit cards at craft fairs. Anything above that is gravy.


@stryker4526: Nexus 4 has been sold out on Google Play for about a week now and is not returning


@moondrake: For those purposes, I think the Moto X will more than suit your needs. I'm not sure what the restrictions on the touchless control there are when you use a passcode or otherwise lock your phone, but other than that it should suit fine.

As for the price, looks good to me. Best I've seen so far has been Amazon's $149.99, but that's with a 2-year contract.