questionsdoes the dyson live up to the hype?


Dysons are like an Apple Vac...they do have some nice design features, maainly because they're not designed to shave the last cent out of the design, and their performance is somewhat better than average, but the premium they command in price is far out of line with the performance premium.
One thing that really annoyed me was when Charles Dyson was talking about the brushless motor that features in some of the newer models, claiming that the carbon brushes wear out on competing models - they do, but they're only a few bucks a set to replace, but then he claimed that the brushless motor avoids 'carbon emissions' meaning that there's no dust from the wearing brushes. Not what virtually everyone else understands carbon emissions to mean.
I've worked on a few older ones, there are often a lot of complex fixed and sliding joints, and seals etc can start to wear/get damaged and the performance goes off unless you spend an unreasonable amount replacing parts.


Got mine on Woot in 2007. Have three kids, big shedding lab, a cat (an optional cat--the neighbor's and the cat prefers lounging in our house) and a handyman husband. I love love love my Dyson. So easy to clean out all the little hose parts and the washable filter is great. Had a hoover before this. I think I may eventually trade up to one of the ball dysons or the one that can go almost flat but the way the handle comes out to use the wand tools is so effortless. Does a great job on stairs.


I really love my old Dyson Animal vac. I got it about 7 years ago and it's still going strong. Had to replace the accessory hose when I dropped the end of it on the hard floor (it cracked and still worked, but it was annoying) but that's all I've had to fix. Good power, good brushes, easy to use accessories.


I bought a Dyson DC-24 in June. it did better than the Bissel that I had before that. But it still didn't do as well as I wanted. It was really good at picking up my husky's dog hair! But it wasn't picking up the dirt that was deep in the carpet like I wanted. About a month ago dug deep and purchased a Kirby Sentria. IT GETS EVERYTHING!!!! plus you can use it as a shampooer too. So over all, the Sentria is better than the Dyson. I would say that Dyson's are a mid range vacuum.


I LOVE my Dyson... I have an original DC-07 from when they first came out and use it multiple times a week. We have one lab and it does great on picking up his fur (and my shedding LOL) I use it on the carpet and floors and can't tell you the last time I swept. It's so convenient to go from carpet to floor with just a flip of a foot switch. The canister is very user friendly and the hose has great suction as well. I have taken it apart one time over the years to do a thorough cleaning because it just didn't seem to be sucking as well. If you do a Google search you can find a picture guide to disassembling the cyclones to get all the dust out. It made a difference too!

If you can swing the $$ for one I would say go for it, but of course try to find it on sale...


Wow, great answers everyone. Thanks so much. It's great to hear the good and the bad!


My wife got one of the Animal Dyson back in 2005. We have indoor cats (one with long-hair) and a small child. It has worked great all these yrs and we have not had any trouble with it. As mentioned, the accessories make it easy to clean not only the floors, but the furniture, curtains, ceilings, and even the car. I was not so impressed with the initial cost, but not having to go vacuum shopping every few years because she did not like it or it stopped working right has been priceless.


I don't know. Maybe I don't use it enough, but I don't feel like it's any better than the Eureka I had for 10 years prior.


Used the refurb Dyson DC14 I got during the last woot-off for the first time today. I spent some time playing with all of its features and opened it up, etc. It seems fairly well made and certainly did a good job. It is definitely much better than my 15ish year old Hoover, but then it isn't 15ish years old.

Some of the plastic parts (the clear "spinny" cylinder thing, in particular) could be a bit thicker and thus more robust, but then it would be heavier and more expensive and might not actually be that much less prone to damage.

I did notice that the power cord got noticably warm within a few minutes and I believe it should be one gauge larger. While this isn't a major problem, I would call it a design flaw, especially after watching Dyson commercials on TV, which pitch it as the greatest engineering marvel since the automated bread slicer.

All in all, I'm happy for the $180ish I spent and I plan to get a SquareTrade warranty during the 35% off sale next week.


I like my Dyson I got from a woot off. Compared to the old Shop-Vac I was using to clean my carpets (bachelor for the win) this thing dug crap out of the carpets I didn't even know existed. Is it the best vacuum out there? No clue, I don't exactly spend hours on end in the Vacuum Aisle of the store weighing the pros and cons of the various models offered... I mean why would I? I own a (censored) Dyson. It is the best vacuum I've ever owned for cleaning carpets, although I'm pretty sure that it's useless for sucking up steel shavings in the garage, broken glass on the deck, or an inch of water in the basement. Of course, that's why I own a Shop-Vac.


YES!~! I have the dyson animal..........and i loveloveloveit
it!! we have 3 jack russells that are professional shedders...and it picks up their hair well...i did have a malfunction with the unit at one time a couple years after i bought it.......and the company sent me a brand new updated one1! emptying the picked up dirt is a piece of cake...and virtually no filters to replace just wash them out every 3 months..........also it is made very user buttons etc are easy to locate