questionshas anyone used dragon naturallyspeaking?


I am interested in the responses to this question as well


I have not used version 12 but use Dragon Medical, which I assume uses the same engine but has programmed medical vocabularies. My impressions with it are generally positive. It helps to use a noise-cancelling mic but if you are in a room with lots of ambient noise it greatly reduces the accuracy. The software learns your speech so the first part of the setup is to just read passages of text. For the first several months, the accuracy will continue to improve as it learns. Making corrections is cumbersome via speech commands (versus just backspacing and overriding with the keyboard) but it helps to "teach" the software so it won't keep repeating the mistake. The manufacturer says it will learn your voice regardless of your accent but I find it helps a lot to speak a little more slowly than my natural speaking voice and pause. It tries to insert proper punctuation using the pauses in your speech but I find it's easier to "speak" the punctuation. Needs a decent processor.


My company sells Dragon. I have not much experience as the Dragon Medical specialists (I work in the accounting) but I do know enough to answer some of your questions. There are a couple of different editions. Each one is for a specific field or task. As for speech and accuracy, every new edition has slight improvements but you can still use the older version. The home version is for everyday tasks like writing email, to-do lists, updating your status on social media sites, etc... it is very basic. Dragon premium is for more than just everyday tasks. Many of our customers that buy Dragon premium are students who are using it for their daily homework and essays. Dragon professional is for people who want to use them to do work-related stuff like writing reports, making spreadsheets, etc... If the software is only for homework, I would probably go with the home or premium editions. There is Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium for students and teachers v12. It's about $100.



Dragon Medical works well in rooms with noise. It is all dependent on the setup passages. So if you did the setup in a room with no noise, the program will learn your voice in that manner and will not know later to block those noises out. But if you did the setup passages in the same room with all that ambient noise, the program will learn to block those noises. It is best to use the same way of speaking so when you do use the program later, it is used your speed and way of speaking. If you start off speaking slowly, it will diminish the accuracy and speed once you speed up and start speaking normally.


@lisatran03 Thank you for the information. I am looking primarily for homework, essays, and reports for a 6th grader. It sounds like the Home or Premium edition will work and the previous version would be OK. Thanks again.


You may want to consider joining the dysgraphia yahoo group. This is a frequent discussion. For most, Dragon doesn't work for elementary age student. For my son it didn't work until high school and we tried it a couple times along the way. Now it's his equalizer.