questionsare you going to buy the new hoodies, long sleeve…


Nope. I'm still upset with myself that I never bought the apron version of kitchen warfare. :(


@dcalotta: Me too. I really liked that one. Better than my Slave Princess Leia apron.


I just googled a bit. Can i change "upset" to "devastated?"


I'm really tempted to get the Reading Rocket Ship poster for my kids room. Can we get an idea on the poster size?


@jeremytheindian: Oops, never mind. Posters are 16" by 19".


I think I am going to stay away from this bunch. I have a ton of sweatshirts and Woot! has gotten a good bit of my money in the past month.


There actually isn't anything on the T-List that I want. There are some cool offerings, just nothing I want.


I really wish they have the Ro-Boss as a poster. I would totally buy that.


I'm always the jerk on these discussions, but while I really like some of the artists that made it this round, the selection exemplifies the reasons I haven't bought a shirt since 2009 (except 2 gifts for friends). I guess the taste of shirt.woot has gotten over me. Which is alright; I don't get to wear tshirts as much as I used too, anyways so it's harder to justify them (I already have 15).

I may have put aside my, hrm, qualms, to get the Schrodinger's cat hoodie, but I'm one of the few that prefer pullovers.


why does every new shirt/hoodie/etc offering have to feature a ramyb entry? enough already. there are plenty of options of his crap in the reckoning. give another artist a chance to make a few dollars woot.

fes fes

@fes: I understand, but to make you even more perplexed. He was voted as artist of the year with over 20 prints, so that's why there is always and will always be ramyb.


I love the selection & uniqueness of up the great artists/entries and vast selection.

In my opinion you should always have a listing on that is a A) T-Shirt B) Pullover Version C) Hoody Versions.

This would allow a more holistic shopping experience for the consumer and allow the seller/artist to convert more shoppers. Just a thought!


@bruceleeroy75: But think about that from a business perspective. The added cost of, rather than preparing 5,000 shirts to be printed, they would have to prepare machinery to print every design on several different options. That's added cost of labor, added cost of materials, and likely added cost of machinery.

I understand that while it would be cool, its a fairly unviable thing for woot to do from a business perspective, and it would undoubtedly raise the cost of the shirts/hoodies. Keep in mind they already print different shirts every single day.


@xarous: Forgive me, but I'm tempted to call him the "wal-mart of shirt.woot". Not that he is viciously corrupt or terrible, but rather that you want to hate him and never support him, but sometimes it just can't be beat.

That said, I've never supported him but I shop at wal-mart every now and then ;) (though, like I said I did like the Schrodinger's cat design).


Ill probably buy a hoodie if they are reasonably priced but I find long sleeve tees never fit right. Posters are ok if you're 12...maybe as a gift but not for myself.


I'm debating between two of the hoodies at the moment - good thing I've got the week to decide at least. I had intended to buy the four pony shirt last week but straight up got busy and forgot to. Ahhh well, I didn't really need it I suppose.


The posters look pretttttty awesome, y'all.

I also completely recommend the long-sleeved shirts if you like our tees. Same material/same general fit and the sleeves are long enough to cover my long arms.


I was first sucker (again) on one of them already. :)

Not likely to pull off my usual nerdy stunt of being first AND last, however.

I do like that the long sleeve shirts are made in the USA too. FWIW, they're AA 2007, which retail for $24 blank.


I didn't see Forbidden Future ( on the original run so I was in for that with one of my jumbowoot (thanks!) coupons. I'm curious to see what the "Metallic Ink" looks like.


The posters seem a bit pricey...


I like how the one item is called "Keep Driving Pullover Hoodie." Kind of confusing at first.

But as much as I love these special offerings, I'm not particularly taken by any of the designs so I'll be passing on this round.


Probably not, they are neat but none of the designs are neat enough for me to want buy.


Nope, I'm still boycotting shirt.woot for the 20% price hike they made on shirts of the day.


@dicedeals: Sooo ... you're boycotting every other place that has increased their prices in the past 4 years too, like your local supermarket, gas station, etc., right?


@narfcake Yup. You got it. I've changed I would say 70% of my spending habits so far in 2012 and plan to do more. Supermarkets - Only what I can't get at the farmers market. Gas Stations - bought 2 bikes, one of them with a chargeable electric motor the other runs on old fashion Flintstones power. Even installed a small PV system to charge portable electronics when it's sunny.

Now I never said I wouldn't buy shirts again in the future, but for now I'm still grieving. I bought 25 shirts last year from woot, and if I did the same this year it would cost me an extra $50.


Can you please, please, pretty please bring back the "Peanut Butter & Jealousy T-shirt"? I am on a desperate search for this long lost t-shirt & can not stop until I find it. Don't remember the artist & I am somewhat sure it was a Woot t-shirt, but I do know when I find it, I will need a multiples. I have some friends & coworkers who were equally impressed w/ this design & are willing to part w/ some hard earned cash to get it. I just posted the question below, when I stumbled onto your question & was hoping, just hoping maybe you have seen it before?? I anxiously await your response. - Mrs. Fluffernutter


Bummer, I was going to buy one of the Woot! athletics blue pull over hoodies but work and life got in the way and now I am waaaaay too late. I may get one of these but I think I will wait until some new ones are posted.