questionshave you winterized yet?


yeesh. don't remind me. i still have to fashion a gutter cleaning device out of pvc. i really wish i could safely reach the second story gutters, but i don't trust myself climbing on the roof.


What part of the country is supposed to get a foot of snow next week?


@tsfisch: Colorado.

And not yet, I'm planning on doing it a week or two before thanksgiving.


I have just started, taking screens off the windows and replacing them with storm windows, winterized my lawn mower and got the snow blower ready, unhooked the garden hose (do not want another pipe burst), started putting plastic in some windows. And thats just the start a few more weekends (if it doesn't snow) and I should be done.

The up side is rec hockey will be starting soon.


::smug look:: Please don't hate me because I live in Florida. Given the choice, I choose year-round hot/steamy/warm weather w/no snow, constant freezing temps, sleet, brown grass, leafless trees, etc. You could, though, point out that we have hurricanes here. Feel free to hate me for other reasons, too...including my smugness.


I bought 50 bottles of whiskey


I'm putting on my winter fat. Uh, please pass the potato chips.


@gmwhit: I live by LAX. I get the same stuff.
So, Bird Day Saturday I'm changing the BMW from 15w50 to 10w40. I gotta remember to put a spare umbrella in the car- just in case! I've got to ask the wife where my long sleeve shirts are- I didn't need them last year, but you never know. Make sure the defroster works. OH! And change the wipers! Yeah, that oughta do it.