questionssince harry potter's delayed on ebook, can i…


Are you in danger if you don't read them? Unless you're in peril, I don't see what NOT reading them would be a problem (aside from the fact that they are actually quite enjoyable -- moreso than the movies).


If you made an agreement to read them only when they're in ebook form, and they're not yet, then how is this exactly an issue for you right now? I'm sure the community can give you plenty of suggestions to read if you're looking for something!

As far as I remember, the books weren't ever delayed, so much as it was Rowling's deliberate choice not to enter the e-book fray while the series was ongoing - now that the series is done, it really is just another form of guaranteed revenue, much like the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

I personally liked the series, but chances are if you're only reading them under protest you'll probably only read the first one and go THIS IS STUPID anyway. Needless to say, I hope when you finally do pick one up that you enjoy it (they are better than the movies), but if not, whatever floats your boat because there are millions of books out there that you probably can enjoy.


@inkycatz: I'm all for giving them a fair chance. I never did in the first place mostly because fantasy doesn't always fall into my wheelhouse.

I insisted on waiting for the ebook version because there is no WAY that I need any more books on my already crowded bookshelf.

Mostly I wanted to complain about how right when I decide to give them a shot, they're like "nope, don't want your money right now..."


@kidincredible: Good to know! I would also love to get the ebook form - but I think they're launching around the same time Pottermore (the interactive website designed to help retain the fans from wandering off) is.

I think Pottermore is launching at the end of the month, but I'm not sure.


I've had them all in ebook formet (PDF and epub) for a long time (before anyone jumps on me, I also have legit copies).

In fact there is a rather interesting fan written ebook that was floating around pretending to be book four (or five?) that had the kids doing all sorts of rather adult things to each other...


@inkycatz: Was just revealed today that though Pottermore will open at the end of the month, the store will not open until "the first half of 2012".


Hmmm... I just realized that I don't know how to PM someone except by clicking their little envelope over on one of the non-deals.woot sites.

Can someone help me with this, please?

(Even if @kidincredible was kidding about wanting it, I'd still like to know how. And btw, @kidincredible, you really should read the official books before it, otherwise the fanfic just won't make a whole lot of sense and the adult scenes are rather tame... though for gradeschool kids, they are a bit much.)


Talk about packed bookshelves, I have so many I keep them in their own building. It's called the public library.

I love my kindle too, and now I can check out e-books on it.